Friday, May 02, 2014

Link to my Tree

As I don't have a sidebar any longer, here's the link to my tree, now only available at Rootsweb.

Ancestry killing World Connect Trees

For many years Ancestry has owned Rootsweb, and as part of the deal they inherited the Rootsweb family trees. Gedcom files could be uploaded on either site (I preferred Rootsweb's interface for it's ease of use) and the tree would appear on both sites, with Ancestry having a superior search.

A year or so ago when Ancestry went to their new search, World Connect trees were no longer listed in the results. As of a few weeks ago, the direct link to my tree on Ancestry instead connected to the search page for Ancestry's "Public Member Trees". WC can now only be accessed through Rootsweb.

I am assuming Ancestry has removed all references to WC on their site in order to promote the Public Member Trees. That might be a preferred option for some people, as the on line application allows easy linking and display of records on Ancestry, such as census, war records or newspaper articles. Photos can also be uploaded, which is not available on WC.

But I'm an old fogey who wants to continue having my genealogy database on my own PC, using the program of my choice (Legacy Family Tree). While the Public Trees are good on multimedia, they are juch more difficult for me to navigate and find the person I am interested in. WC is very easy to search, and to display descendant and ancestor info for a given person.

I accidently trashed the layout

OK, I hadn't updated anything here in a long time. I wanted to update the link to my family tree, in the list of links along the right side. I found that Google had taken over the site since the last time I edited anything, and after about 15 minutes found the html code that contained the link addresses. I changed the address, saved the changes, and POOF, the layout of the page is totally different and the sidebar with the links is gone (which was important for me, because I used them daily to navigate to my favorite sites.). Now I'm frustrated and ticked off. Even if I figure out how to put the sidebar back on, I may have to reenter all the content.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"From Sea to Shing Sea - The Kring Family"

Dallen Selders, who I know from church, has lent me his copy of this book (he's a descendant and his family is listed).

Johann "George" Kring married Magdalena Fye, and came to what's now Adams Twp in Cambria Co from Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co. in 1806.

His children:
George of Jenner Twp married Martha Stump;
Frederick of South Bend, Ind. married Elizabeth Steiner;
John of Adams Twp married Elizabeth Varner;
Jacob of Indiana Co married Elizabeth Rose;
Henry of Adams Twp married Polly Shaffer;
Conrad of Westerville, Ohio married Catherine Seidner;
Elizabeth married Jacob Baumgardner of Wayne Co, Ind.;
Catherine married Joseph Baumgardner of Stephenson Co, Ill.;
David of Adams Twp married Agnes;
Magdalena married David Snavely of Richland Twp;
Daniel of Bedford Co married Elizabeth Fichtner;
Barbara married Jacob Davis of Westmoreland Co;
and Samuel of Adams Twp married Rebecca Wertz

I am in the process of entering data from the book, concentrating on the families in Cambria Co, into my tree. As I do, I am also looking up census records, etc, on Ancestry to verify the info and add missing dates where necessary. I did an update of the online tree at Rootsweb and Ancestry this morning.

Be looking for even more info on folks in the Adams Twp area in my tree.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baumgardners - Frank & Frank, Fred & Fred

Karl Friedline wrote to point out a couple of errors (these folks are his wife's uncles)

Bessie B Ream was married to Frank Baumgardner, 1888-1971, son of Ananias Baumgardner and Amanda Weaver. I had Bessie married to Frank H Baumgarder 1891-1962, son of Henry Baumgardner & Sarah Jane Kring. Frank H was married to Anna Mae Stewart.

Also, Mary Mickel 1908-1955 of Windber was married to Fred D Baumgardner as early as 1941, when her sister Ruth's obit says they were living in Elton. I had linked this Fred as a son of the same Henry Baumgardner & Sarah Jane Kring, but their son Fred 1904-1983 was married to Nora Ellen Geiyer 1904-1987, and were living in State College in the 1930 census. I still don't know who the second Fred is, but I'm working on it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Cold, Damn Cold

In case you haven't heard, Global Warming has hit western Pa, as there's been one day above freezing in the past four weeks, and it's snowed just about every day. Like I remember it as a kid.
So, I've spent a lot of time locked in my room doing work from home, which neglects my genealogy, but does pay better!
I took this pic last week of the Loyalhanna River east of the Bedford. The unusual thing was the blue sky.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Heirs of Jacob Stull

The following deed was filed in Cambria Co after the 1836 death of Jacob Stull Sr. of Richland Twp. John Stull paid each of the heirs $95.45 for their share of Jacob Sr's land, making John the sole owner. This document acknowledges the sale and releases any further obligations.

Jacob's wife is not named, and is presumed to have died before him.

His son Jacob Jr had died four years earlier in 1832, so John Stull and Jacob Jr's Widow Elizabeth, the administrators of his estate, acted jointly to represent Jacob Jr in this document.

The children appear to be listed in order of birth, not including John, who is of the second part (the purchaser).

I did not have a record of William Stull & Elizabeth, his wife. His placement between George (abt 1798) and Elizabeth (abt 1804) indicates a birth between 1800-1802, and makes a good match for the William Stull, age 49, and his wife Elizabeth, who are in Salt Lick Twp, Fayette Co, Pa in the 1850 census.

David Stull is listed last, with no spouse named. I am supposing the he was then born abt 1812, two years after Barbara. I had believed that he is the father of Dr. David D. Stull, born Oct 1833, the son of Martha "Matty" Layton, who had married John Helman by 1837. As David was not married in 1836, if he was the father of David D. in 1833, it would likely have been out of wedlock when David and Martha were both about 21.

Conard & Esther Stull appearing before the Justice of the Peace in Stark Co, Ohio, confirms that he is the Conrad Stull found in the 1830 and later censuses of Sandy Twp in that county.

Joseph Strayer and William Stull signed the original document in German script. Jacob Paul was the only male who made "his mark", being illiterate and unable to sign his name.

Release from the heirs of Jacob Stull Sen dec'd to John Stull

This indenture was made the first day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six by and between

John Stull and Elizabeth Stull widdow administrators of the estate of Jacob Stull Jr said deceased,
Conrad Stull & Esther his wife,
Joseph Strayer & Motlena his wife,
George Stull & Elizabeth his wife,
Jacob Paul & Catharin his wife,
William Stull & Elizabeth his wife,
Adam Strayer & Elizabeth his wife,
Martain Stull & Motlena his wife,
Daniel Bomgardner & Barbara his wife &
David Stull all of the State of Pennsylvania of the one or first part and

John Stull of the township of Richland in the County of Cambria and state aforesaid the second part,

witnesses that whereas a certan Jacob Stull Sr of the Township of Conemaugh in the County of Cambria aforesaid and deceased was in his lifetime possesed with a certain tract of land containing two hundred acres one hundred and fifteen perches & the yusel allowance for roads & now be it known that the partay named in one or first part above writen are the liggle heirs in law to the aforesaid tract of land & devised of their father Jacob Stull Sen late desesed situated on the waters of Stony Creek now in Richland township in the County of Cambria adjoining lands of Christian Goughenour, Peter Warner and others and the said partais to this indenture have agreed each to sell their sepreat parts thereof. Now be it known that the said partais of the first part above named as well in consideration of the said divisors of the sum of ninety five dollars & fourty five cents to them each in hand paid by the said John Stull of the secant part above writen the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge. Have and do by these present do grant bargon and sell remise releaise and forever quit claim unto the said John Stull his heirs executors administrators or assigns all their right title interest and claim of in and to the following described tract of land

John Stull Administrators of the estate
Elizabeth Stull her x mark of Jacob Stull Jr decd
Conrad Stull
Hesther Stull her x mark
Joseph Strayer (in Germ.)
Motlena Strayer her x mark
George Stull
Elizabeth Stull her x mark
Jacob Paull his x mark
Catharine Paull her x mark
William Stull (in Germ.)
Elizabeth Stull
Adam Strayer
Elizabeth Strayer her x mark
Martin Stull
Motlena Stull her x mark
Daniel Bomgarner
Barbara Bomgardner her x mark
David Stull

State of Ohio
Stark Co S.S.
Before me on of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county personally came Conrad Stull and Easter his wife signers to the within deed of conveyance...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joseph Seese & Mary Ann Kuhns

I recently obtained the marriage license for this couple, which si the final piece in clearing up the family.

Joseph Seese married his 2nd cousin Mary Ann Kuhns on 11 Jul 1893, six years after the death of his first wife Augusta Wentworth on 2 Oct 1887 and six weeks after her divorce from Israel Wirick on 29 May 1893, and when she was 7+ months pregnant with Emanuel. Although 37 when married, Mary Ann went on to have four children with Joseph. They each had four children in their first marriages.

Joseph Seese & Augusta Wentworth:
John H 11 Feb 1883
Rachel May 1884
Mary Elizabeth 25 Jun 1885
Charles L 3 Nov 1886

Israel Wirick & Mary Ann Kuhns :
Ephraim 7 Apr 1876
Fred abt 1880
Barbara Ellen Apr 1885

Joseph Seese & Mary Ann Kuhns:
Emanuel E 20 Aug 1893
Elmer B 16 Jan 1896
Anna Dora 10 Apr 1898
Ida Agnes Sep 1900

Monday, July 10, 2006

Rev Reed Bennett Correction; Gromley Family Additions

I have corrected an error in my tree, as the parents of Rev. Oren Reed Bennett 1895-1966 are Jerome S Bennett and Alverta Rairigh of Montgomery Twp, Indiana Co, Pa, and not Isaac Bennett and Mary Jane Adams. I was investigating whether Laura Stiles and Cora Gromley were married to the same Reed Benett, and indeed they were, verified by his obituary on 29 Mar 1966 in the Indiana Evening Gazette, which is available in Ancestry's Historical Newspaper Collection.

While I was at that I did expand greatly on his first wife Cora's Gromley family in the northeast part of Indiana Co. Most of the additions were on the families of the brothers Obadiah and Josiah Gromley, and also that John J Gromley 1807-1890, was the father of Aaron 1840-, and son of Christian.