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Heirs of Jacob Stull

The following deed was filed in Cambria Co after the 1836 death of Jacob Stull Sr. of Richland Twp. John Stull paid each of the heirs $95.45 for their share of Jacob Sr's land, making John the sole owner. This document acknowledges the sale and releases any further obligations.

Jacob's wife is not named, and is presumed to have died before him.

His son Jacob Jr had died four years earlier in 1832, so John Stull and Jacob Jr's Widow Elizabeth, the administrators of his estate, acted jointly to represent Jacob Jr in this document.

The children appear to be listed in order of birth, not including John, who is of the second part (the purchaser).

I did not have a record of William Stull & Elizabeth, his wife. His placement between George (abt 1798) and Elizabeth (abt 1804) indicates a birth between 1800-1802, and makes a good match for the William Stull, age 49, and his wife Elizabeth, who are in Salt Lick Twp, Fayette Co, Pa in the 1850 census.

David Stull is listed last, with no spouse named. I am supposing the he was then born abt 1812, two years after Barbara. I had believed that he is the father of Dr. David D. Stull, born Oct 1833, the son of Martha "Matty" Layton, who had married John Helman by 1837. As David was not married in 1836, if he was the father of David D. in 1833, it would likely have been out of wedlock when David and Martha were both about 21.

Conard & Esther Stull appearing before the Justice of the Peace in Stark Co, Ohio, confirms that he is the Conrad Stull found in the 1830 and later censuses of Sandy Twp in that county.

Joseph Strayer and William Stull signed the original document in German script. Jacob Paul was the only male who made "his mark", being illiterate and unable to sign his name.

Release from the heirs of Jacob Stull Sen dec'd to John Stull

This indenture was made the first day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six by and between

John Stull and Elizabeth Stull widdow administrators of the estate of Jacob Stull Jr said deceased,
Conrad Stull & Esther his wife,
Joseph Strayer & Motlena his wife,
George Stull & Elizabeth his wife,
Jacob Paul & Catharin his wife,
William Stull & Elizabeth his wife,
Adam Strayer & Elizabeth his wife,
Martain Stull & Motlena his wife,
Daniel Bomgardner & Barbara his wife &
David Stull all of the State of Pennsylvania of the one or first part and

John Stull of the township of Richland in the County of Cambria and state aforesaid the second part,

witnesses that whereas a certan Jacob Stull Sr of the Township of Conemaugh in the County of Cambria aforesaid and deceased was in his lifetime possesed with a certain tract of land containing two hundred acres one hundred and fifteen perches & the yusel allowance for roads & now be it known that the partay named in one or first part above writen are the liggle heirs in law to the aforesaid tract of land & devised of their father Jacob Stull Sen late desesed situated on the waters of Stony Creek now in Richland township in the County of Cambria adjoining lands of Christian Goughenour, Peter Warner and others and the said partais to this indenture have agreed each to sell their sepreat parts thereof. Now be it known that the said partais of the first part above named as well in consideration of the said divisors of the sum of ninety five dollars & fourty five cents to them each in hand paid by the said John Stull of the secant part above writen the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge. Have and do by these present do grant bargon and sell remise releaise and forever quit claim unto the said John Stull his heirs executors administrators or assigns all their right title interest and claim of in and to the following described tract of land

John Stull Administrators of the estate
Elizabeth Stull her x mark of Jacob Stull Jr decd
Conrad Stull
Hesther Stull her x mark
Joseph Strayer (in Germ.)
Motlena Strayer her x mark
George Stull
Elizabeth Stull her x mark
Jacob Paull his x mark
Catharine Paull her x mark
William Stull (in Germ.)
Elizabeth Stull
Adam Strayer
Elizabeth Strayer her x mark
Martin Stull
Motlena Stull her x mark
Daniel Bomgarner
Barbara Bomgardner her x mark
David Stull

State of Ohio
Stark Co S.S.
Before me on of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county personally came Conrad Stull and Easter his wife signers to the within deed of conveyance...

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Hello, Brian! I believe there are Stulls in my ancestry. I have to tell you that I am very impressed with the work you have done on the Koontzes. I wanted to pass along some additional information for you.
# ID: I72613 View Post-em!
# Name: Dick KOONTZ
# Given Name: Dick
# Surname: Koontz
# Sex: M
# Note: Dick /Koontz/
The above entry is my father, Richard Dean Koontz. I've posted a note to the listing with some information about him and our family. Further information about myself:
James Leland Koontz, b. 17 Sep 1951. Graduated from Penn State in 1973. Married June Elizabeth Fittery (from Huntingdon, Pa) on 25 Oct 1975. Divorced 15 Apr 1982. No children from that marriage. Married Georgia Ann Basalla b. 26 Jul 1947 (daughter of George and Priscilla Ann (Robinson) Basalla of Snow Shoe, Pa) on 28 Apr 1984. Daughters: Meghan Anne Koontz b. 28 Nov 1984 and Lindsay Jean Koontz b. 23 May 1986. Lindsay married Thomas James Bakula and they have one daughter Alexandria Ann Bakula b. 8 Jan 2010.