Saturday, January 05, 2008

"From Sea to Shing Sea - The Kring Family"

Dallen Selders, who I know from church, has lent me his copy of this book (he's a descendant and his family is listed).

Johann "George" Kring married Magdalena Fye, and came to what's now Adams Twp in Cambria Co from Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co. in 1806.

His children:
George of Jenner Twp married Martha Stump;
Frederick of South Bend, Ind. married Elizabeth Steiner;
John of Adams Twp married Elizabeth Varner;
Jacob of Indiana Co married Elizabeth Rose;
Henry of Adams Twp married Polly Shaffer;
Conrad of Westerville, Ohio married Catherine Seidner;
Elizabeth married Jacob Baumgardner of Wayne Co, Ind.;
Catherine married Joseph Baumgardner of Stephenson Co, Ill.;
David of Adams Twp married Agnes;
Magdalena married David Snavely of Richland Twp;
Daniel of Bedford Co married Elizabeth Fichtner;
Barbara married Jacob Davis of Westmoreland Co;
and Samuel of Adams Twp married Rebecca Wertz

I am in the process of entering data from the book, concentrating on the families in Cambria Co, into my tree. As I do, I am also looking up census records, etc, on Ancestry to verify the info and add missing dates where necessary. I did an update of the online tree at Rootsweb and Ancestry this morning.

Be looking for even more info on folks in the Adams Twp area in my tree.


Fran said...

Thank you for all your hard work. Interesting work. I recently discovered your information on your family tree on Ancestry. It has been a tremendous help to me. My husband's grandparents are Emma Saintz and Victor Sanchez. Emma is the daughter of Rebecca Rager. Her father is William C Saintz.
Thank you again.

jtowner64 said...

Brian - I am the granddaughter of Alice McVicker Hoffman (married Peter Hoffman). She was the daughter of James McVicker and Mary Mock. I have information on Alice's children and grandchildren if you are interested. My e-mail is

G. Daland Webb said...

I am trying to fill in some of the gaps for my wife, Cynthia Alyson (Kring) that cannot be found in "From Sea To Shining Sea" (of which we have a copy) My Dad worked over thirty years on our family and on my Mom's. My brother and I are carrying on the legacy...and I thought I would help Cindi add to her family info.
G. Daland Webb
Locust Grove, VA

Valerie said...

I have been trying to find more information on my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, David Gordon (born around 1795 and married to Veronica Livingston), but have hit a brick wall. I have information on his children, but nothing about who his parents were. I noticed that he was included in your family tree through RootsWeb and was wondering if you had any more information on him that could help me out.

Anonymous said...

Come across any Brumbaugh's? They were German Baptist and i've been looking for Conrad's burial or cemetery. 1735-1791 around Johnstown which could also be Somerset. Any info would be helpful. I have looked thru cemeteries around Johnstown but again it could be a family or small plot that was missed. Or need to look in different location. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Hello. I recently found what appears to be from my research a very, very old photo of several bishops/ preachers from a graduating class back in the
1800s. I looked up several names and found you are/ were doing research on your family history. If you are interested my email is

LisaThompson said...

Brian- We have had brief contact sporadically over the years about the Johannes Hanauer family. I was told that Clara May Taney, wife of Mahlon Horner, was Irish through her father, but I found that her father was born in PA. Do you have any idea where HIS father was from? I'm beginning to think there's no Irish lineage there at all, and it was simply hearsay. Mahlon was son of Cyrus.

I want to thank you for the thousands of hours you've put into this. It's especially meaningful to me today, as I see you added my sweet mom, Louise Chipukites Horner, on April 14th. She died April 28th, a year ago.
Please let me know if you've any info on the Taney branch.

Lisa Horner Thompson